It was Radio 3FM-Norge, who became our first member.

Radio 3FM- Norge runs the following radio channels:

  • Radio 3FM-Norge
  • EDM 3FM-Norge
  • Schläger 3FM-Norge
  • Countryradio 3FM-Norge
  • Rockradio 3FM-Norge.

Radio 3FM-Norge is a PBS, Public Broadcast sstation. Mostly known for it`s «Partyradio», a music show with more than 25000 regular listeners, aired every saturday.
EDM 3FM-Norge runs EDM, trance, techno and some of the best hits from the 90’s.

Countryradio.3FM-Norge is, like it says, a radio channel stuffed with great country music.

Rockradio.3FM-Norge give you rough and exiting rock from the 50s, 60s, 70s, up until today. Rock in its widest definition.